How do I remove the carburetor?

1) If the vehicle is equipped with a fuel shut off valve, turn off the fuel.  If there is no shut-off valve, remove the fuel line and plug the end of the line with a small 3/16" diameter object such as a drill bit, piece of wire or a screw.

2) Using a blade type screwdriver, loosen the clamp holding the air filter to the carburetor and remove the air filter.

3) Using pliers, unscrew the top where the throttle goes into the top of the carburetor.  Turn it clockwise to loosen and screw it out. NOTE: some are sealed and will not come off.  If yours is sealed, you will need to go to the throttle on the handlebars and remove the top cap covering the throttle which is held by 2 screws.  Release the throttle cable from the hand throttle lever and leave the throttle cable attached to the carburetor.

4) Finally, remove the two 10 mm bolts attaching the carburetor to the intake manifold. 


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