My vehicle has no spark. How do I test the stator?

90% of no spark is caused by the CDI Charge Coil in the Stator.  Below you will find the data on how to test the stator.  First, ensure the on/off switches are on and that the remote is in the on position (if equipped with remote).

The stator is what provides spark for your gokart, atv and scooter. The stator is located on engine side housing, where a 5 wire unit is coming form engine block. Remove this cover and you will find the stator inside.

FYI the stator is made up of several coils.  One coil is the trigger coil.  The second coil is a charge coil which makes electricity to make the CDI box fire.  The third coil is the coil unit which charges the battery and powers the lights.

1) If it is a 1 wire coil, it needs to be grounded to the frame to fire the spark plug.

2) If it is a 2 wire coil and it fires when not grounded to the frame, the coil is defective.

3) We do NOT count the large wire going to the spark plug.  This wire is called high tension.

4) With these steps complete, we can now test the ohms from the stator. 

a. There will be 5 wires coming out of this unit. One wire will be blue, with a yellow/or white stripe.  This is the trigger coil and should show an ohms reading of 120. The decimal point can be any place.  It will still be 120.  If way under 120, the reading is beyond 150 or there is no reading, the stator needs replaced.

b. Next, go to the red wire with black stripe.  It should read 400 ohms.  If below 350, above 500 or no reading, the stator needs replaced.

c. The remaining three wires (yellow, white, green or black) go to the headlights and the battery charge system.

If you need more help, type up your numbers and email them back to us at or submit a support ticket on this site.


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