What to do if a title did not come with your vehicle.

  1.  Go through all your paperwork to make sure it is not there.
  2. Find the 17 digit Vin # that is located on your vehicle.
    1. ATV:  located on the front frame.
    2. Scooter:  located on the steering stem.
    3. GoKart: located on the frame above the rear axle.
    4. The Vin # starts with ‘L2B’,   ‘L9B”, something on that order.
    5. Once you have the 17 digit Vin #, email the information to ‘  ’, asking for the title.
    6. You will receive a response back from your email either the same day or the next day, letting you know what steps need to be taken at our end and when you should be expecting the Title.
    7. Once we have the Title prepared, we have to take it and the Bill of Sale to the Notary and she will be the one that mails it out.  She usually turns it around the same day she gets it.
    8. If five business days have gone by and you have not heard from us, please contact us again to find out what is happening with your Title.


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