Why is gas leaking from the bottom of the carburetor?

This problem can be caused by a few things. Some of the steps are basic, however we want to cover all of them just in case...

  1. Make sure the gas line is hooked up correctly to the carburetor. The gas line needs to be placed on the brass nipple on the side of the carburetor. The nipple is located on the left side (driver side) of the carburetor.
  2. Remove the gas cap to see if that fixes the problem. If the gas cap is not venting correctly the unit could be vapor locking and be causing this problem. If leaving the gas cap off for 5 to 7 minutes does not solve the problem then go to the next step.
  3. Check for a split gas line. Make sure that the gas line which goes from the bottom of the gas tank to the side of the carburetor is not split. You will have to remove the black gas line and carefully examine it for cracks or splits. If you find a split in the gas line you will need to replace it with 3/16" gas vinyl line. You can pick that up at the local auto parts store.
  4. Next, determine if the carburetor float is stuck. Using the handle end of a screw driver, gently tap the bottom of the carburetor bowl a few times. (We are trying to move the float if it is stuck.)
  5. If the above steps do not solve the problem, there is probably dirt in the carburetor needle and seat system. If you have an in-line fuel filter on the gas/fuel line, it will need to be replaced with a new one. If your gas/fuel line does not have a fuel filter, you will need to get one from an auto/parts store.
  6. Try flushing the carburetor to remove any dirt or particles. First remove the fuel line from the carburetor and plug it so fuel does not run out. On the very bottom of the carburetor bowl there will be a small brass cover screw, using a flat screw driver, open this screw and allow all gas to drain from the carburetor system. Next, close the screw and reinstall the fuel line. This will sometimes flush the dirt from the needle and seat. We recommend doing this three times.
  7. If flushing the carburetor doesn't work, then drive the ATV around to attempt to vibrate the dirt out or shake it loose.
  8. If none of the above steps work, you may want to remove the carburetor and ship it to us for servicing. Include detailed correspondence and a complete description of the problem. (Our mechanic appreciates any description of symptoms or attempted fixes.)

Address if sent by UPS:
BW Inc
attn: Jeff (Place your order number)
316 West Broadway
Browns Valley, MN 56219

Address if sent by US Postal Service:
BW Inc
attn: Jeff (Place your order number)
PO Box 150
Browns Valley, MN 56219

Note: When shipping, make sure all gas is completely drained from the carburetor. We recommend putting the carburetor in a zip lock bag, then packing in a box with foam peanuts and/or bubble wrap.
Again, when sending a carburetor back, please include a note stating the exact problem. On that note, please include your complete name, address and phone number, along with your e-mail so we can reach you if we have any questions.


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