What if I need tech support?

First, stay calm, we are here to work with you. Remember, we want you to enjoy our services and your ATV more than we do…so work with us and we will get a solution for you as soon as possible. Remember that you are our eyes, hands, ears and mouth while addressing your ATV concerns. We are on the other end of the phone working for you.

  1. A quick visit to our Technical Support Section at can answer most questions in the least amount of time. We have assembly videos, startup videos, several troubling shooting guides and more.
  2. If you still have questions, you can contact our tech team to open a support ticket. This will help us to assist you more effectively and quickly. Once we get this information we will begin working on a resolution immediately.
  3. If a solution has not been reached by this point, we will call and walk you through additional options.


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