Basic Guide for first time ATV & GoKart riders and parents

This is advice that we offer to our young and first time ATV and GoKart riders. We want all of our customers to have a safe and enjoyable experience with their new machine. Please take the time to read and go over the following information.

Instructing the Rider:

  • Your safety depends on the time you take to educate the rider and yourself as to the proper use of the vehicle and the safety precautions that need to be taken while operating the vehicle.
  • Please be sure to read the manual and instructions thoroughly, highlighting the warnings your manual contains.
  • Full attention is needed when going over the safety features of your unit and manual. Please take the time to make sure that it is understood fully.
  • Question your new rider to make sure they fully understand the operation of the vehicle.
  • Make sure the unit fits the rider properly. A large number of injuries are due to the fact the rider was not in the proper vehicle for their age or body weight and height. Parental discretion is advised.
  • Know your state laws and safety precautions.

Proper Clothing and Gear:

  • You should always wear a helmet, eye protection, gloves, long pants, long sleeved shirt, and boots when riding a motorized vehicle. NEVER wear loose clothing. Wearing the proper clothing and equipment will help to maintain your safety.

Test Drive:

  • Be sure to find a safe location. You will need lots of room with no obstructions. Be sure the area is level and clear of traffic or other individuals.
  • Familiarization of the unit is IMPORTANT! Ask the driver to show you where the various safety items are located before they start the unit. Give specifics as to what you want them to look for. Ex: “Apply brakes”, “Turn off engine”.
  • To help them develop confidence, ask them to start the vehicle and shut it off. In some cases it is best to leave the vehicle off and push the unit while they are sitting on it so they get used to being on it while moving. Make sure they apply the brake until you feel comfortable they can brake properly.
  • Be sure to adjust the speed limiter. Make sure it is as slow as it will go until the rider gains confidence.
  • Then work into starting it, drive it forward and brake. This will help them to gain the confidence they need and to learn where all the safety features are on the unit. Be sure that you walk next to the unit and NEVER leave the student unsupervised while riding the unit until they become a confident rider.
  • After the student has learned how to drive in a straight line you can start on turning the unit. You may want to do this in the off position and push them. Make sure they know how to adjust their body weight while in a turn. And talk about the amount of speed. KEY- Make sure they shift their body weight slightly forward and support their weight on the outside foot rest. All while leaning their upper body weight into the direction of the turn.

Putting the practice all together!
When you feel comfortable that the rider has mastered all of the prior practices you can start to have them put it all together. Instruct them to perform different maneuvers while under your supervision. Vary the instructions so that they will not anticipate the next command. Practice this until you are confident that they are comfortable and understand the functions of the unit.

These simple steps will help to insure a safe ride for your student and they will gain the confidence they need to grow as a rider. After confidence in their ability grows and all the riding techniques are mastered, you can start adjusting the throttle limiter. The key to becoming a skilled rider is practice and safety! Ride safe and have a good time!


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