How To Bleed Brakes on your ATV

A) Normal way to bleed brakes on ATV

  1.  Remove cap from hand brake reservoir. Keep fluid in reservoir about 1/16" to top, now locate bleeder valve on caliber at rear brake. Now to bleed the normal way:
  2. Squeeze hand brake lever to 2- times-stop by holding lever tightly to handle bar as if you are applying brakes. Do not LET GO.
  3. Now go to bleeding, screw at caliber (this is a little round unit sticking out of caliber about 1/4 " high) you will need a 6 or 8 mm wrench to loosen this valve.
  4. Now while still holding brake lever to handle bar tightly turn this little bleeder screw counter clockwise 1/2 to 1 turn. This will start to get the air out of the system.
  5. Leave open for about 10 seconds and then close.
  6. Now re-pump handle bar lever 3 times holding to handle bars again and now reach back and open bleeder screw again, 10 seconds. Do this over and over until all air is removed, this will harden the brakes.
  7. NEVER LET BRAKE RESERVOIR ON HANDLE BAR TO RUN OUT OF FLUID. Do not lose patience this will take some time. System bleeds slowly as it is so small.  Make sure you are using BRAKE FLUID.

(B) These systems have a small amount fluid. So if the normal way seems not to be working, then you will have to bleed the brakes by a method we called "back way bleeding".  This is because the atv brake system moves a small amount of brake fluid.

  1. You will need a hand held Oil Squirt Can.  Make sure it is completely cleaned out with no gas or oil in the can.
  2. Fill the Oil Squirt Can completely with Brake Fluid.
  3. Pump the can's handle so brake fluid squirts out and all the air is out so when you squeeze the handle brake fluid comes out.
  4. Then put a rubber hose over the end of the Squirt Can nozzle.  About 3" long.  
  5. On the back of the atv you have a bleeder nut (rear end).  You will need to open this.  Connect the rubber hose of the oil can to the bleeder.
  6. Take the cap of the reservoir. Remove the two Phillips screws.
  7. The 12 mm bolt on the side of the handle bar next to the brake reservoir needs to be loosen  Loosen it by about 1/2 to 2/3 of turn.  
  8. Put one or two rags under the reservoir as brake fluid will come out and we do not want the brake fluid damage the ATV body.  
  9. Then pump brake fluid in the system with the oil can.  Do this slowly.  You have to get all the air out of the line.
  10. Once all the air is out tighten the brake bolt and put the cap on the reservoir.  
  11. Then tighten the bleeder on the rear axle.
  12. 1st few times you squeeze the brake handle it will feel like you will not have any brakes.  Work the system.
  13. It will take about 5 to 12 minutes before the brakes will be back.  

Any questions please call.

Thank you



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