Removing Starter from China and TaoTao ATVs

The starter comes in 2 pieces, remove the chrome shiny part of the starter from the front dull metal piece that is were it splits.

1) Remove all the attaching screws which are (three) phillips head screws & (three) 8mm head screws,

2) next go to the opposite side & remove (one) phillips head screw holding on the wire,

3) than remove the chrome part of the starter along with the first 1/2" thick aluminum spacer, IMPORTANT: make sure that the other 1/2 of the spacer stays attached to the motor. The 1/2 attached to the motor holds the reduction gear & chain gear only. Repeat DO NOT REMOVE THIS PIECE: If removed it will detach the chain & the chain gear which turns the flywheel of the engine & will involve a much more complex reassembly.


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