ATV Startup Help Guide

NOTE TO USER: Fully read all instructions prior to first use or start up of your ATV. Before attempting to start make sure the ATV is on level ground.

➔ Setup the unit per the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure that all items that came attached to the unit are properly secured. Key items to check (but not limited to) are:

  • left handle bar switch
  • muffler
  • brake caliper and pads

These items can and will fall off if not properly secured to the unit. Over the course of time you will want to be sure that you are re-tightening all bolts and nuts, due to vibrations.

➔ Make sure the battery is properly filled and charged. When not using the unit for long periods of time you will want to disconnect the battery and use a trickle charger on it. The smaller units tend to have a constant pull on the battery due to the remote key fob. Your ATV will come with either - a sealed gel battery, OR - a battery that requires the addition of clear battery acid.

NOTE: The only liquid that will come with your ATV is Battery Acid. If you do not have a sealed battery, then you will need to add battery acid to your battery prior to charging. If you find a clear sealed container/bottle with your ATV, this will be battery acid. It is NOT gasoline or fluids for anything other than the battery. If you are unsure what the fluid is, DO NOT put it in your unit and contact FamilyGoKarts immediately before proceeding.

➔ Some ATVs come with a battery charger while others do not. If you received a factory charger, simply charge the battery until the green light comes on. If your model did not come with a charger, you can use a standard trickle charger at 2 amps for 12 hours.
➔ Add UNLEADED FUEL to the machine. Do not use any fuel that contains alcohol.
➔ Make sure any safety tether cords and On/Off remote controls are in their proper positions.
➔ Make sure the Ignition Key is in the proper “On” position.

NOTE: When attempting to start the unit for the first time, you may want to make sure the rear end is off the ground, this will help to avoid flooding the unit. The first start up will be a little rough and this is a useful tip. Once the engine and parts are lubricated you will not need to repeat this tip.

➔ Turn kill switch to the "On" position:

  • 410 models, T110 models, youth T125 models: On the 410, T110, and youth T125 ATV’s the on/off switch is on the left handle bar as you are sitting on the ATV. Make sure that reddish/orange on/off switch is slid forward towards you.
  • T125FX1, T150BX, T150GX, T250DSU, T300H1: On these models the on/off switch is on the left handle bar as you sit on the ATV. Make sure it is in the center position and push that button in (It has to be pushed in). Sometimes this on/off switch can stick when it is new and you may have to push it in a few times.
  • If your ATV is equipped with a remote Key Fob, make sure that your remote control unit (Key Fob) is in the “on” position for starting. You can clear the remote by following this sequence of steps:
    1. Press Lock button
    2. Press Unlock button
    3. Press Lock button
    4. Press Unlock button

➔ You may need to choke the unit to get it started and/or pump the throttle to get fuel into the carburetor.
➔ Squeeze the brake. This is a safety feature and the unit will not start without the brake engaged.
➔ Push the start button while engaging the brake. NOTE: Do not push the button for more than 5 seconds at a time. Release the starter button for 10 seconds before attempting again.

  • 410 models, T110 models, youth T125 models: The choke is in front left of thecarburetor as sitting on the ATV. It is the gold lever. Move that gold lever all the way up to turn on the choke.
  • T125FX1, T150BX, T150GX, T250DSU, T300H1: The choke is on the left handle bar as sitting on the ATV. You would slide that lever all the way out to choke the ATV.

Additional Notes:
The "drain-plug" is on the bottom of the engine. The dip stick is on the right rear of the engine when sitting on the ATV. The engine should have oil in it, check before starting the ATV.
After you run the unit for 30 minutes, change the oil. In the winter use 10W-30, summer use 15W-40. It will take approximately 1 quart of oil.
There is one extra fuse. If you follow the positive wire from the battery back you will find a plastic holder, which is where the fuse goes. Again, your model should have one already installed.
Thank you for your purchase. Remember, motorized vehicles can have some break-in times or adjustments that need to be made. Don’t get discouraged. We’ve been around a long time and are here to help you with anything that comes up. Enjoy your vehicle!
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